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Approved Inspection Station for Cars, Utes, Trucks, Trailers, Caravans, Horse Floats & Mobile Homes.

Our mobile service covers suburbs throughout South East Queensland.
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About Us

Performance Auto Inspections we will come to your home or business and carry out Vehicle Inspections for Safety Certificates, Certificates of Inspection for all types of cars, trucks and trailers.

Our mobile business is based in Logan, we also cover South East Queensland including the greater Brisbane area, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Beaudesert and Redlands.

As an Approved Inspection Station, we are qualified to award vehicle certificates recognised throughout Queensland. We offer competitive rates for a service that’s prompt and reliable at a time and place that suits you.


We come to you saving you time and effort so you can carry on with the things you need to do.


Fully Qualified, Insured, Licensed & Approved Inspection Station. Approval No.9664

Family Friendly

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and friendly manner.

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A Safety Certificate (Roadworthy Certificate), proof that the car is in road worthy condition is required when you buy or sell a car. We will come to you to conduct a roadworthy inspection of your vehicle and provide a Safety Certificate. Organise a time and place convenient for you, call direct or request a quote.
Performance Auto Inspections is an Approved Inspection Station and an accredited professional carries out all inspections.



If you have modified your vehicle then to remain you will need to obtain what is known as a Modification Plate. This proves the work complies with the standards and guidelines of the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Before you make modifications it is a good idea to check the TMR website to be sure the work will meet their standards and guidelines. This is also a good time to give us a call to check the modification can be certified before carrying out the work.

When the vehicle’s modification has been certified the blue plate will be fixed to the vehicle and the appropriate paperwork supplied and is lodged with the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

We are authorised to inspect and approve modifications to vehicles for the following modification codes:
Light Vehicles
  • LA1 - Engine Change
  • LA2 - Performance Engine Installation
  • LA3 - Turbo/Supercharger Installation
  • LA4 - Performance Modifications
  • LB1 - Transmission Substitution
  • LB2 - Rear Axle Substitution
  • LC2 - Dual Controls Installation
  • LC4 - Installation of controls for Disabled Drivers
  • LG2 - Brake System Conversion
  • LH2 - Roof Conversion
  • LH4 - Modified Wheelbase Conversion
  • LH6 - Vehicle Construction
  • LH7 - Panel Van to Ute Type Conversion
  • LH11 - Camper Van & Motorhome Conversion
  • LK6 - Child Restraint Installations
  • LK8 - Roll Bar & Rollcage Installation
  • LM1 - Aftermarket Fuel Tank Installation
  • LS2 - Left Hand Drive Conversion
  • LS4 - Front Suspension & Steering Conversion
  • LS6 - Rear Suspension Conversion
  • LT4 - Noise Test Certification
Unsure of Your Modification?
Heavy Vehicles
  • A1 - Engine Substitution
  • A2 - Air Cleaner Fitment
  • A3 - Turbo Charger Installation
  • A4 - Exhaust System Alteration
  • A5 - Speed Limiter Installation
  • B1 - Transmission Substitution
  • C1 - Tailshaft Alterations
  • D1 - Rear Axle Installation
  • D2 - Differential Substitution
  • E1 - Front Axle Installation
  • F1 - Suspension Substitution
  • F2 - Trailer Suspension Modification
  • G1 - Air Brake-Reposition Components
  • G2 - Fit Trailer Brake Controls & Connections
  • G3 - Trailer Brake System Upgrading
  • G5 - Auxiliary Brake Installation
  • G6 - Air Operated Accessories
  • G7 - Brake System Substitution
  • H1 - Wheelbase Extension
  • H2 - Wheelbase Reduction
  • H3 - Change Wheelbase to Manufacturer’s alternate
  • H4 - Chassis Frame Alteration other than Change in Wheelbase
  • H5 - Trailer Chassis Modification
  • J1 - Fitting of Bodies
  • K1 - Seat & Seatbelt Installation & Removal
  • K3 - Cabin Modifications and Changes
  • K5 - Wheelchair Restraint Installation
  • K6 - Child Restraint Installation
  • M1 - Fuel Tank Installation & Repositioning
  • P1 - Tow Bar/Coupling Installation & Repair
  • P2 - Turntable & Kingpin Installation
  • R1 - Tailgate & Rear Loading Device Installation
  • R2 - Wheelchair Loader Installation
  • S1 - Re-rate of GVM & GCM
  • S6 - Omnibus Evaluation
  • S7 - Re-rate of Trailer ATM
  • S10 - Livestock Load (Volume Loading) Rating
  • T1 - Tow Truck Construction
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